-3AN Bulkhead Adapters - Bulkhead Bracket Spacers

-3AN Bulkhead Adapters - Bulkhead Bracket Spacers

These are additions to our existing "-6AN Bulkhead Brackets" and are used to convert to -3AN.  Excellent for plumbing your Brake, Clutch, or other 3/16" Tubing Setups. Adapters allow the installation of -3AN Bulkhead Fittings into the existing -6AN Bulkhead Brackets.

These are 3D Printed adapters, made to order. Produced in ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) a 3D printer filament uniquely suited to automotive applications.  ASA is capable of handling the temperatures, chemicals, and sunlight exposure common on car projects. 

Sold in Pairs - Used WITH our -6AN Bulkhead Brackets: Found Here 

Currenly only available in Black.  If you want different colors, please email to discuss.

    $4.50 Regular Price
    $3.60Sale Price