54% Flexi-Dragons!

54% Flexi-Dragons!

54% the Scale, NOT 54% the Fun!

The fun fidget Dragons are 54% scale versions of Flexi-Factory's "Imperial Dragon" design.  Measuring 14 1/4" long (36.2cm) they are a seriously enjoyable fidget toy.  Whether just playing with their flexi nature, or displaying them, they are a pleasure to have around. Capable of "sitting up" with their head held high (when oriented just right, see photos). 

"Shiny" Colors and "Rainbow" cost slightly more due to increase material costs and extra material require. Achieving the best "Rainbow" effect requires more material per print, thus material costs are increase.

NOTES: These are 3D printed objects. As such some layer lines and minor inconsistencies may be present on the finished product. We do our best to produce the best quality prints and will not send out items that do not meet our standards. Printed parts can be slightly more delicate than normal plastic injection moulded objects, so if giving to a child to play supervision is recommended. Small pieces could chip or break off from rough play.

Authorized Seller of this Flexi-Factory original design. We make no claims of ownership to this design or the digital files used to produce it. You are buying a physical printed object, nothing more.

Some inventory exist, but many orders will be "Print to Order". So please expect a few days to process and produce your order before shipment.

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