CAN EJECTOR - Can Removal Tool!

CAN EJECTOR - Can Removal Tool!

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This is a simple plunger design intended to aid in the removal of Cans from our Can Cup designs.  

Simply place the Ejector on a table, counter, etc then place the can cup over it.  Each Can Cup has a 38mm hole in the base for this purpose.  Push the Can Cup down around the Ejector (press on the cup, not your handle if you have a Handled version), and POP goes the Can.  

This is just a simple add-on that we thought some folks may want to get with their Limited Edition Can Cups.  

You have 13 colors to choose from, 10 of which are 100% Recycled material Made in the USA.  Please select a color, otherwise we will default to Black as the option.


The "Mini Nuke" comes as a Set WITH a special Can Ejector.  The Ejector for the Mini-Nuke is longer than the standard version.  So please specify which design you want when ordering.

THIS IS A PRE-SALE: Your order is Made to Order and will Ship in 1-4 Weeks, first come first serve.


What you get:

  • Can Ejector in your choice of color.



- Photo is of the Prototype model, some variation may be present in your version.

- Every item is 100% 3D Printed here in Philadelphia, PA.

- We aim to produce the BEST quality we can, however some minor surface imperfections and variations may occur. We will not send you failed prints or heavily blemished parts, but some minor blemishes are the nature of the beast with FDM 3D printing so please understand that.

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