Mini Flexi-Elephant - 50% Scale Tooty-Phant

Mini Flexi-Elephant - 50% Scale Tooty-Phant


These flexible Elephants are even more adorable at 50% Scale.  They make cute decorations or fun fidget toys as you wiggle their trunk, ears, head, and feet.  The design can lay flat, sit on it's back legs, or stand on its own feet.  It balances on the front 2 feet making for a fun display if you set it on something (a Display Circus ball is available to purchase separately HERE.).  These are miniature versions of the currently available Flexi Elephants.

This design has been lovingly named "Chad the Elephant" on my Livestreams, but you can call yours whatever name you choose.  LIMITED availablility on these, only one or two of each color are available!

Special Note: As these are smaller 50% Elephants, they are NOT advised for children or regular play use.  The smaller scale versions are more delicate than the original size.  This makes them extra cute, but also means their joints are smaller.  As such they may not pivot as easily as the larger ones & are inherently more fragile.  These are recommended as art displays and light fidget play only!

NOTES: These are 3D printed objects.  As such some layer lines and minor inconsistencies may be present on the finished product.  We do our best to produce the best quality prints and will not send out items that do not meet our standards.  Display stand "Circus Ball" sold separately HERE.

Authorized Seller of this Flexi-Factory original design.  We make no claims of ownership to this design or the digital files used to produce it.  You are buying a physical printed object, nothing more. 


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