Warped Cup - Switch Joy Con 12oz Can Holder

Warped Cup - Switch Joy Con 12oz Can Holder

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LIMITED EDITION SALE!! Only available through me for a SHORT TIME!

Get them while they last! A 12oz “Can Cup” design that doubles as a Nintendo Switch Joy Con grip. Joy cons slip into each side, a 12oz can fits into the middle and away you game! Design is meant to look like a classic 8-bit gaming sprite. Default color is the “Silk Green” shown in the photos.

Material is PLA, a plastic derived from plant matter, decently strong and slightly more eco friendly than other plastics.

Designed my Alan “MandicReally” Mandic

PRODUCTION NOTE: These are "Made To Order", they will be shipped as soon as possible, but please be aware that each one takes almost one full day to print.  Also shipping during the Holiday Season can be hectic, please be aware of these factors when placing an order.  We will do our best to get them to you in a timely manner.


LIABILITY NOTE: We are NOT responsible for any damage caused to your TV, Walls, Little Brother, Self, Controllers, or ANYTHING ELSE you may throw this cup at.  Use it to train yourself out of raging while gaming!

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