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Commercial Licensing Agreement

Below are the current Terms & Conditions associated with being a Licensed Commercial Reseller of Alan Mandic's 3D Print Designs.  Interested in becoming a Licensee? Sign up today at!

  • ​Subscribing to the Merchant Tier indicates you accept and agree to adhere to the “Licensing Terms” stated below. From here on, Patrons on the Merchant Tier will be referred to as "Licensees".

  • The Commercial Use License is only valid as long as you remain subscribed to the Merchant Tier. After leaving the Merchant Tier, you are required to immediately stop selling our printed models.

  • Licensees will be granted the right to resell physical models of select 3D digital files produced by Alan Mandic aka MandicReally. Licensees will be provided a regularly updated list of designs authorized for resell. (See current list here: Authorized Resellers )

  • Licensees will be granted early access to Patreon exclusive designs. These new designs will include clear details about when they will be authorized for resale.

  • Licensees will be listed on HotRodHipp​ie.c​om which will allow customers to find our current Authorized Sellers. Licensees are required to provide their business name and url(s)/platforms of where they intend to resell designs for presentation on the Sellers List. Licensees are asked to please report any unauthorized sales of Alan Mandic's designs. This is in the best interest of both Licensees and Alan Mandic.

  • Licensees may use the names Alan Mandic has given his designs for marketing their products.  I.E.: "Can Cauldron", "Can'D Grenade", etc

  • Licensees shall not take credit or ownership over these designs and are required to credit Alan Mandic aka MandicReally as designer/creator on all sales listings as shown below:

*** © 2021 • Designed by: Alan Mandic aka MandicReally • ***

  • Marketing and Marketing Materials are the sole responsibility of Licensees. The use of any of our original images or videos is strictly prohibited.

  • Licensees are NOT allowed to post offering their services / businesses in the comments of Alan Mandic's content on any social platforms. This includes but is not limited to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the HotRodHippie Blog.

  • Licensees are NOT authorized to modify design files in any way. For modifications or new designs please submit requests in writing to No designs featuring the Intellectual Property of other business entities will be authorized for resale. We reserve the right to hold a “Limited Run Sale” of designs before releasing licensing rights to Licensees. These terms will be clearly communicated via posts on Patreon prior to each sale.

  • Alan Mandic, aka MandicReally may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms & Conditions or cancel any Commercial Use Licensing Agreement. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting as well as personal contact.

  • Patreon Tiers are billed immediately upon sign-up and renew at the beginning of each month. If a Patron signs up in the last week of the month, they will be billed for the month and renewed at the start of the next.

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