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Multi-Size DIY AN Bulkhead Brackets - -3, -4, -6, -8 AN

Multi-Size DIY AN Bulkhead Brackets - -3, -4, -6, -8 AN

Trying to cleanly Plumb your Fuel System, Air Ride Suspension, Oil Cooler Lines, or some other AN Plumbing Project on your Car or Truck?  These Brackets can help you do a clean and safe job. 

This version of our popular "Bulkhead Brackets" are our semi-universal / DIY design.  These feature the same external dimensions as our -8AN Brackets, but come with a -3AN sized hole in them.  The purpose of this is so you can drill the holes to whatever size your application needs.  Have a -8AN Feed Line on your fuel system but a -6AN Return line? Have a single -6AN Feed Line and a single -3AN Brake Line you need to route to the rear of a car? Drill the holes to your necessary dimensions and you'll be ready to mount your tubing!

After years of disatisfaction with the available options for connecting Hard Lines to Flex Lines on Custom Car Builds, Alan Mandic, HotRodHippie, designed these brackets and has been using them ever since. 


Constructed of laser cut and press brake bent 5052 Aluminum. Each has 2 holes to sized for -3AN Bulkhead fittings side by side, but can be drilled to larger sizes. Has has 3 mounting holes sized for 1/4" or #10 sized bolts/screws. Can accept Bulkhead fittings of various angles. DESIGNED & MADE IN THE USA



These can be screwed to Sheetmetal, Bolted to Frame Rails, or Welded directly to any compatible aluminum components (fuel cell, etc). Brackets can also be cut apart to be used as single hole brackets for solo lines. Bracket width is designed to fit on a 3"(76.2mm) wide frame rail, Can also be mounted inside of a recessed C-channel frame rail on a classic muscle car or pickup truck. Three mounting holes allow for mounting flexibility (2 bolts recommended per bracket.). Excellent for race car, restomod, classic car restoration, street rod, hot rod, or modern street car & truck builds. Great way to mount your Fuel Line Bulkhead Fittings, Air line fittings, or more!


May be able to be use for JIC Hydraulic Fittings as well. Check your fitting dimensions to see if this could meet your needs for a JIC Hydraulic Fitting Mount.



2.99" Wide (75.91mm)1.28" Tall (32.47mm).125" Thick (3.20mm) 5052 AluminumNote:These are sold as individual brackets only. No fittings or hardware are included.


Other sizes now available: -3/-4, -6, and -8.


Want to learn more about plumbing Custom Hard Lines on your custom build? Check out THIS video from the HotRodHippie:

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