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Freelance Video of a Beautiful Custom Car Interior!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Over the years of producing video content for the HotRodHippie YouTube / Instagram / TikTok channels, I've fallen in love with video content production. In late 2020 I branched out and started taking on Freelance Videography work producing video content for other people and companies. Last week I had the chance to go film the latest Custom Upholstery job by Bux Customs. Calling what they do "Custom Upholstery" feels disingenuous though. It is full on Custom Fabrication work. They do more than just sew seat covers, and I've featured them in a shop tour video in the past. Actually it was my FIRST Shop Tour video I posted. All of this is just a way of saying, "Hey look at these photos and videos I shot for Bux Customs!":

And the videos:

Check out the one on Instagram too (it uses different footage!): BuxCustoms IGTV Post

And lastly the Shop Tour video I did with Bux Customs way back when:

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