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NEW Creality CR-Touch ABL vs BL-Touch Sensor for 3D Printers

The folks at Creality 3D Printers sent me one of their brand new "CR Touch" Auto Bed Level Sensors to try out. So logically I compared it directly to the ANTCLABS BL Touch it is meant to compete with. Check out my YouTube Product Review below for the full comparison. You can find the Testing Results provided below, and Macro Photographs of the CR-Touch inside and out.

Check out the unique "smoked plastic" design of the CR-Touch. Inside is a small PCB with an electro-magnetically controlled metal probe. Sensing function is via a light triggered "Hall Effect" switch with a Normally Open design. This design doesn't offer a replaceable probe but the metal probe is a much stronger overall design than the plastic probe of a BL-Touch.


CR Touch Photos:


Physical Dimensions and Weight Differences:

The CR Touch and BL Touch vary in more physical ways than just a "smoked" plastic housing vs a translucent white one. The CR Touch is larger in 3 out of 4 ways (widths & weight). It is however a little shorter. The CR Touch Measures:

  • 16.14mm by 16.27mm Wide

  • 39.38mm Long

  • 11 Grams heavy

The BL Touch Measures:

  • 14.05mm by 13.04mm Wide

  • 40.18mm Long

  • 7 Grams heavy


Testing Results:

Tested on: Creality Ender 3 w/ Creality V4.2.7 Mainboard & Marlin Firmware V2.0.9.1 compiled by Alan Mandic.

M48 Repeatability Tests: run 6 Times on each sensor. Same wiring, mainboard, mount, and printer used for each test. Z Offset adjusted for each sensor.

Bed Visualization Test: 6x6 ABL Bilinear Grid Tested on the Ender 3 bed. Same bed and manual bed leveling settings. Only the Z Offset and Sensors were different. Using this Visualization Tool:


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Nicolas Dionis
Nicolas Dionis
Dec 25, 2022

Where is the firmware you complied?


Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard
Jul 25, 2021

Where is the firmware you complied?

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