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SEMA 2020 - aka SEMA 360 - aka Virual SEMA

SEMA 2020 is coming up in just a few days, sort of. 2020 has clearly been a different and difficult year for a lot of folks. SEMA is no exception, no matter how much they seemed like they hoped to be. As such SEMA 2020 is now, SEMA 360, aka a "Virtual Trade Show".

What can we expect from SEMA's Virtual Show? **shoulder shrug** Quite simply, I don't know much more than you. They haven't presented me with much information as to what I will be able to do, learn, and SHARE from SEMA this year. SEMA is usually my "biggest" week of the year for the YouTube Channel, but this year I don't even know if I will get more than one or two videos out of the event. Some inside baseball for those of you reading this blog, I'm actually rather annoyed by the entire thing. Since the event runs for 5 days this time I'm having to set aside those days from my schedule. Meaning I cannot really commit to anything plans, work, etc during that time. And quite simply, this may be a giant waste of my time. Now hopefully Monday (the 2nd) will show me what the show is all about rather quickly. After that I should have a good idea of what my week looks like. I'm not sure if I hope its is "work work work", or that the show will be terrible and I can move onto something else entirely. SEMA is usually one of my busiest and biggest weeks of the year, this year it is just too uncertain to say. Whatever SEMA 2020 looks like, I'm going to do my best to bring you some new and interesting content from the show. Even if it is just a Video or Livestream where I complain about the way things are handled.

Check out a few photos I took at SEMA 2019 and check out the SEMA 2019 Playlist HERE:


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