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What "XYZ" do you use? - Find Out HERE!

The questions often come up, "What Tools do you actually use?", "Where do you buy your ***BLANK***?", "What Camera Equipment do you use?" and I'm always happy to answer them. That said, very often the answer to finding all of those things is, "Amazon". Plenty of tools and equipment I use are rather specialized, and for those specialty tools some places like Trick-Tools or Mittler Brothers are my go to answers to find quality equipment. However a lot of the day to day supplies and tools that I use as of late are readily available products on Amazon. To help folks find the products I'm using, and to help support the production of The HotRodHippie content, I have an Amazon store you can check out HERE. From hand tools by Gearwrench, to air tools by Sunex, or Heat Shrink tubing, I try my best to list the supplies I actually use so you folks can find out.

Of course that Amazon storefront of mine IS an Affiliate Marketing setup. That means that if you use those product links, you pay NOTHING extra but I do get a small comission from Amazon. This helps supplement the production of the HotRodHippie videos. Things like this very Website/Blog are not free and the price of running an online business in 2020 is ever growing. Any and all use of the Affiliate Links here, or in the description of every YouTube video I post, is always greatly appreciated.

If there is every a part, tool, or various pieces of equipment you have questions about, don't hesitate to ask! I will gladly help you locate what it is you need for your project when I have the time. Contact me at:

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